• You can immediately pay for your order by credit card (VISA / MasterCard) on our website.
  • Payment security is provided by our partner: PashaBank
  • If for some reason you are still wary of making online payments, you can use the usual payment using the bank terminal. For your convenience, our courier always has a mobile banking terminal, or you can pay for your order at the cash desk of any of our stores by calling the store cashier your order number.



Delivery instructions
At the time of the order, you can provide us with a contact telephone number and delivery instructions that can help us during delivery. Typically, this may include the delivery to your neighbour, or perhaps in a safe place, if you are not at home. We will pass your phone number and delivery instructions to our courier to facilitate your order. Please note that the contact number you provide will not be used for marketing purposes.


Order Packaging

Gift package

• For the best delivery of gift boxes and baskets we use specially prepared packages.

• Our gift boxes and baskets are made by professional team

• Note that the service at rush hour can be delayed, but we will do our best to serve you in a timely manner.

• If the order is made after 14:00, as well as the number of gift boxes and baskets is more than 15, we can not guarantee that we can prepare your order for the next day.

• For corporate deals please contact our team at 077 717 00 70


Tracking of your order
To track the progress of your order, please visit the order history on "My Account" and check the order details. We also inform you of any changes or important details of delivery, affecting your order.

Poor weather conditions
We will always make every effort to deliver your order on time.
From time to time it is affected by the factors that are beyond our control, such as bad weather. If that happens, we will update our website with detailed information about any delays we encountered.

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